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Tori Amos Icons
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This community is for people to post Tori Amos icons and any other sort of Tori Amos graphics (wallpapers, headers, colorbars, anything).


Do NOT link to other communities for your icons here that you need to join in order to see your icons. Either post the icons here or not at all. No linking please. If you link from here on out [April 21st 2007] your post will be deleted with a reference to the first rule. A community is about sharing your work, not about promotion.

You may make requests but please put them behind an lj-cut. The first time you do this, I will just remind you, but if you do it repeatedly, then you may be banned.

You may make posts taking requests for icons/graphics.

Rudeness will not be tolerated. If you dislike someone's work, either keep your mouth shut or offer constructive criticism. Bitching is welcome at tblsurvivors if you feel the need.

Please put any graphics-heavy posts behind an lj-cut.

Please do not post icons/graphics that are not related to Tori Amos. If you make a batch of icons and only some of them are related to Tori, please only post the Tori Amos ones, although you are more than welcome to link to your own icon journals.

These rules are constantly subject to addition or alteration.

Maintainer: lost_cosmos I can be contacted via this community if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc. Make a locked post and I will address your concerns. Do not come to my personal LJ looking for me as it is friends locked and screened. Thank you.

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