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But I can't compete with the ladies.

Tori_Icontest is back!

Posted by hadathought on 2011.05.09 at 13:47
tori_icontest has been on hiatus for a few months and I am happy to announce that we are back up and running! tori_icontest is the oldest Tori Amos icon challenge community. She just turned 7 years old last month! The moderators made it our mission to keep her active and we have never gone back on our word. In the past 7 years, tori_icontest has only been on a few hiatuses, so we understand that people might have given up on checking the community's updates. That is why this post will be x-posted to other Tori communities. Feel free to help advertise for us, as well!

Challenge #137 is ready for submissions!
If you would like to submit, you may find the post at the community HERE or by clicking on the image below.

We need submissions!

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